Alexander Matyushentsev

Alexander Matyushentsev

Principal Software Engineer




Polyglot software engineer with a strong backed and fronted experience.
Core contributor and maintainer of http://argoproj.io/ projects.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Principal Software EngineerIntuit

    Jan, 2018 - Present

    Help building Intuit SaaS Platform using containers and Kubernetes on AWS.

    • Core engineer on Argo CD and Argo Rollout projects (http://argoproj.io/).

    • Responsible for running Argo CD as a service for hundreds of developers at Intuit powering 1k+ deployments every day.

    • Helped to evangelize GitOps at Intuit and drive its adoption. Onboarded very first team at Intuit to Argo CD.

    • Contributed to Argo CD adoption outside of Intuit.

  • Member of Technical StaffApplatix (acquired by Intuit)

    Aug, 2016 - Jan, 20181 year 5 months

    Argo - an Open Source Workflow Engine for Kubernetes (http://argoproj.io/)

    • Prototyped 'lightweight' workflow engine implementation which leaded to the current design of Argo workflow engine.

    • Lead Argo v1/v2 UI development.

    • Lead Applatix self-service Portal API/UI development.

  • Senior Software EngineerFirst Rain (acquired by Ignite Technologies)

    Oct, 2015 - Aug, 201610 months

    Just-in-time analytics and sales and marketing intelligence

    • Actively participated in FirstRain Orion API development.

    • Contributed into company development guidelines

    • Introduced Checkstyle and Findbugs usage for Java code static analysis

  • Senior Software EngineerOoyala (aquired by Dalet)

    Oct, 2014 - Oct, 20151 year

    Manage, curate, orchestrate, deliver and monetize your content

    • Analyzed business requirements and participated in implementation of next-gen content management system for Ooyala

    • Worked on workflow management implementation using Groovy and Java

    • Participated in REST API implementation using Ruby and Sinatra

  • Senior Software EngineerEPAM Systems

    Sep, 2011 - Oct, 20143 years 1 month

    Helped Google building DoubleClick Data Platform

    • Contributed into DoubleClick Data Platform (DDP) API development. Worked on new API features implementation, starting from requirements analysis to production deployment.

    • Participated in implementation of DDP UI for third party data providers.

    • Improved DDP build, continuous integration and release process.

    • Implemented QPS throttling service for legacy DoubleClick UI which helped migration to DFP.

  • Senior Software EngineerPaladyne Systems (aquired by Broadridge)

    Oct, 2010 - Feb, 20114 months

    Enhance and simplify portfolio management

    • leaded Paladyne Report Manager development.

    • researched and performed first steps of migration from Silverlight to JS/HTML5.

  • Senior Software EngineerAVICode

    Aug, 2007 - Feb, 20113 years 6 months

    SaaS-based ELM software solution for legal spend and matter management and claims defense

    • Actively participated in development of CT TyMetrix 360°.

    • Designed, planned and led development of important CT TyMetrix 360° feature (AFA).

    • Contributed into internal Ajax framework development.

    • Worked on migrating application to ASP.NET MVC

    • Helped developing unit testing standards and coding guidelines for the company.



  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • Database
  • DevOps


  • Information Technology, Master, Orenburg State University

    Sep, 2002 - Aug, 2007





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